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About mk | hr consulting

Markus Kotzur worked in HR for over 12 years, including management roles starting in 2005. He is working as an independent HR management consultant and HR interim manager since 2013, advising and supporting companies during change processes, restructuring, reorganization, and much more.

For a brief overview about Markus Kotzur and the extensive portfolio offered by mk | hr consulting, please see this PDF file

Education and professional experience

  • Dual education: Office Management Assistant (CCI), Training Supervisor (CCI) and degree in General Business Administration
  • Degree in Business Administration, with focus on HR Management, Change Management and Process Management, University of Applied Sciences, Wernigerode, Germany
  • Master's degree in Business Coaching & Change Management, University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany
  • HR Officer and Training Supervisor, LexisNexis, Munster, Germany
  • Head of HR Germany, France, Italy and Spain, Cycos, Aachen, Germany
  • Managing Director Cycos Italy and Cycos Spain, Milan & Madrid
  • HR Director Germany, Axway, Berlin, Germany
  • HR Director Germany, Wolters Kluwer, Hürth, Germany
  • HR Manager CSS GALP, Stanley Security Solutions, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • CHRO & Labor Director, AHG Allgemeine Hospitalgesellschaft AG, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Head of HR Asia, ASK Chemicals, Hilden, Germany
  • CHRO, ASK Chemicals, Hilden, Germany


Our work and methods are based on a humanistic view of the world and of people. That means during changes, such as in the course of planned and supported organizational development, the subject of consideration is not just technical and organizational structures and processes, but also – and especially – interpersonal patterns of communication and behavior as well as the standards, values, and power arrangements in place within an organization.

This humanistic view of the world and people, combined with a constructivist approach that also allows for “other realities,” forms the basis for our work. After all, every individual unconsciously constructs his or her own reality – and only if we understand and accept this we will be able to change our own behavior in order to reach our goals despite various kinds of resistance.

How we work

Whether you work with us as consultants, thereby leveraging our expert knowledge and solution-based expertise, or as HR interim managers, we always view ourselves as part of your organization, and we always work with you to find the best solution for you and your company. In the process, we keep your wishes and goals in mind at all times. Together with our years of professional experience at different corporate groups and businesses and in various arrangements, this approach to our work allows you to achieve success and ensures lasting results.