The advice we provide is always from an objective standpoint – taking all opportunities and risks into account – as well as being capable and absolutely confidential. That means none of the knowledge and information we acquire during the consulting process will reach third parties.

Just as every business is unique, we deal with a wide range of different HR-related topics every day. In addition, change processes and the challenges they bring are an increasingly important factor for many companies, so change management is a major area of focus in our consulting practice.

Change Management

“Change is the only constant,” as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted. For companies today, this is truer than ever. Spreading globalization, the rapid pace of advances in technology, and ever-increasing economic competition bring restructuring, cost-cutting programs, mergers and acquisitions, and changes in strategy, to name just a few of the developments that prompt changes.

We can advise you and your organization during the necessary changes. The support we provide starts early on, during the planning phase. It includes advising on the entire (internal) communication process as well as demand-driven training and workshops for your managers (and employees) and concludes with individual support for your managers. That is our idea of holistic change management.

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Organizational Development

The key question is: How can you successfully change your organization as a complete system, while including your managers and employees? While change management generally requires short-term to medium-term interventions, organizational development is a “long-term intervention program” with the goal of achieving successive changes in behavior and attitudes that lead to enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

We can support you in further developing your organization by joining with you to examine not only the technical and organizational structures and processes in place at your company, but also the patterns of interpersonal communication and behavior as well as the standards and values that pervade your business. After this stage, we can help you identify and implement the measures that are needed in order to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency.


Restructuring and reorganization are often essential steps when a turnaround becomes necessary or as a response to ever-increasing economic competition. We can advise you on various implementation options as well as on constructive cooperation with employee representatives, and we can even support your HR department with operational implementation as needed. If your re-structuring concept calls for staffing cuts, we can prepare your managers for this step.

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M&A und Post Merger Integration

During a merger or acquisition process, a due diligence review is generally performed in advance. But these reviews usually leave aside any considerations related to HR except the points concerning collective and individual labor and employment law. There is a complete absence of statements on the company’s corporate culture and communication practices. A communication plan that goes beyond the information that absolutely must be provided to employees by law is present in only the rarest of cases. The result? Uncertainty among the staff, as key players leave the company even before the merger or acquisition is complete.

This is where our consulting approach comes in. We believe in analyzing the structural and individual human capital and the organizational structure and leadership culture at the company – the standards and values that have grown up organically based on how employees view each other and themselves. This analysis enables better post-merger integration – because it is holistic and managed on a more conscious basis.

Compensation & Benefits

Are you planning to introduce a variable, performance-related compensation element at your company? Or to redesign an existing compensation system? Is your sales force’s commission system outdated and ready for a change? Do you need to introduce a retention program for your key players, including both nonmonetary and monetary elements? Or are you looking for a clearly defined process for your annual salary reviews?

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