Our business coaching offers you professional support to tackle specific tough situations, crises, or decisions, or to work toward goals and advance your professional and personal further development.

Just as every individual is different, there is a wide range of situations that call for coaching. Here are a few examples from our coaching practice:

  • Processes of change within an organization
  • Taking on a new task, function, role, or position
  • Developing or further developing leadership skills
  • Overcoming conflicts
  • Personality development and developing potential
  • Handling professional (and personal) problems
  • Career planning, reorientation, further development, etc.

We can tackle your topics in individual, group, or team coaching sessions, with the latter option only available for groups with related professional functions or as part of a specific system, such as an entire team or department. Team coaching typically focuses on organizational, personality-related and task-related topics.

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